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Spring 2010 Course Catalog 
Spring 2010 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Satisfying Core Electives

Each degree program can either require specific courses to meet the core requirements (e.g., require General Psychology as their Behavioral Science requirement) or, instead, allow students to choose electives in some of the areas (e.g., Behavioral Science elective). The Core courses are generally spread out among the semesters.

Core electives may be satisfied in the following manner: 

To Complete: Take:
Mathematics Any credit-bearing MATH course
Social Science Any course from ECON (except Personal Finance), GEOG, HIS, or POLSC
Behavioral Science Any course from ANTHR, GEOG, PSYCH, or SOC
Humanities Courses from DANCE, MUSIC, FILM, THEAT, FREN, ITAL, SPAN, PHIL, or ART (select only those ART courses indicated as granting humanities credits)
Science Any course from BIOL, CHEM, PHYSC or INTER 110/111
Liberal Arts Any of the above areas plus offerings from ENG, COMM, and some from Interdisciplinary Studies (INTER)
Physical Education (Health/Fitness) Any from PEH or PEC (includes swimming, dance, first aid, and fitness offerings)
Physical Education (Sports) Any from PES or PEC

It is highly recommended that a student seek the advice of a counselor, faculty member, Curriculum Chair, or Department Chair in planning his/her course of study. This will often ensure that the student is taking the right sequence of courses needed for graduation with the particular degree or certificate that he/she is pursuing.