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Spring 2010 Course Catalog 
Spring 2010 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ART 111 - Printmaking II

3 humanities credits

Students explore an expanded variety of printmaking techniques with an emphasis on color, design, and edition printing. This course challenges students to develop a personal vocabulary of expression and an awareness of the relationship between form and content. Presses include Charles Brand and American French Tool etching presses and a large format electric book press.Printmaking is the technical and aesthetic area of the visual arts in which the artist draws on (or otherwise manipulates) a print surface of some kind (such as a linoleum block or piece of etching zinc). Original works, resembling drawings, are created by applying ink to the incised (or otherwise treated) print surface and pressing paper against it.Class Hours: 4Prerequisite: ART 110 Printmaking I or permission from Visual Arts Curriculum Chair.