Feb 01, 2023  
Spring 2010 Course Catalog 
Spring 2010 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EMS 122 - Paramedic II, Lab and Clinical Studies

3 credits

This course provides the student with the ability to assess and manage in the pre-hospital setting a wide variety of traumatic injuries to the human body. The assessment and treatment of burns are presented. In addition to the lecture component of this course, students participate in lab sessions that develop the advanced skills necessary to operate affectively in the prehospital setting as a paramedic. A clinical component to this course allows the paramedic student to interact with patients in the field setting. This course follows the suggested guidelines of Division 3 the U.S. Department of Transportation National Standard Curriculum for Paramedic.Class Hours: 10Clinical hrs. 10.Prerequisite: BIOL 121, 123 Anatomy & Physiology I & II.Corequisite: EMS 121 Paramedic I.Offered fall semester.