Feb 05, 2023  
Spring 2010 Course Catalog 
Spring 2010 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MATH 110A - College Algebra with Trigonometry

4 credits

Topics in algebra and trigonometry include: linear functions, algebra of functions, domain and range of functions, complex numbers, quadratic functions, radical and absolute value equations, linear inequalities, polynomial division, exponential and logarithmic functions, graphing calculator applications, trigonometric functions, applications of right triangles, circular functions, and graphs of trigonometric functions. This course is designed primarily for students in the technologies, math/science, and the students who intend to continue in mathematics or who need to take physics.Specific graphics calculator required; wait until first day of class before purchasing.Class Hours: 4Prerequisite: MATH 003 Beginning Algebra, or appropriate score on Placement Exam.