May 19, 2024  
Spring 2010 Course Catalog 
Spring 2010 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SS 114 - Liberal Arts/Social Science Internship - C

3 credits

Students in the Liberal Arts/Social Sciences Curriculum intern at facilities appropriate to these disciplines. Each internship consists of a paid or unpaid workplace experience. Students integrate classroom theory with a monitored and supervised work experience. Periodic meetings with a faculty advisor and written assignments are required.Students must receive written permission of the Department/Curriculum Chair to register for this course. (1 to 3 behavioral or social science credits). Internship hours (240 hrs/semester).Prerequisite: Liberal Arts/Social Science major, completed 9 credits in major and a minimum of one course in the discipline area of the internship, GPA of 2.75+, and LA/SS faculty recommendation to the Department/Curriculum Chair.