Jun 01, 2020  
Spring 2010 Course Catalog 
Spring 2010 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SS 120H - Great Trials — Honors

3 credits

This course exposes students to some of the most celebrated trials in the world. The exploration starts with the trials of Socrates, then the trial of Joan of Arc and Galileo. Many other famous trials are studied—these may include Salem Witchcraft Trial, the Scopes Trials, the Nuremberg Trial, the Trial of Nelson Mandela, and the Tiananmen Square Dissidents Trial.Other regular courses offering an Honors Option (for information, see instructor or go to the Honors Corner, LIB, 2nd floor): ACC 204 Intermediate Accounting II BIOL 115 General Biology I BIOL 117 General Biology II BIOL 236 Human Genetics COMSC 108 .NET GUI Development COMSC 210 Introduction to Data Structure HSERV 201 Methods in the Helping Process HSERV 208 Case Management ITAL 201 Intermediate Italian I ITAL 202 Intermediate Italian II ADN 120 ADN-Nursing I ADN 131 ADN-Nursing II ADN 221 ADN-Nursing III PNA 107A Nursing PNA II PNA 201 Nursing III PNA 207 Nursing IV MUSIC 129 Music Theory 1 MUSIC 197S History of Jazz RESP 103A Respiratory Care II RESP 201A Respiratory Care III RESP 203A Respiratory Care IVClass Hours: 3