Dec 16, 2019  
Spring 2014 Course Catalog 
Spring 2014 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ART 139 - Digital Photography 2

3 credits



This course builds on the foundation skills acquired from Digital Photography 1. Theoretical readings, writing assignments, group critique, image-based lectures and hands-on activities will further visual literacy. Students are challenged to find ways in which their technical decisions can clarify their artistic intentions. Post-production skills including retouching, image manipulation, and collage techniques will be covered. Students complete a self-directed project in consultation with the instructor, resulting in a portfolio of images and a written statement reflecting the student’s own personal aesthetic in a completely digital environment.


Students must supply their own digital camera with manual controls and materials. A DSLR is highly recommended. For a detailed list of supplies, call Center for the Arts: 914-606-7500.
Class Hours: 3
Prerequisites: ART 129 - Digital Photography 1
Offered every semester.