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Fall 2018 Course Catalog 
Fall 2018 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HSERV 184 - Addiction Field Experience 1

3 credits

The Addiction Field experience which accompanies HSERV 183 Addiction Counseling Methods  requires nine hours a week in an addiction treatment agency where students continue to perform tasks related and essential to the service offered by the agency. Under the supervision of a NYS OASAS designated Qualified Health Professional students further develop the counseling skills such as screening, initial interviewing, problem identification, contracting, treatment planning, recording, case presentation and the referral process. Students learn to understand their own feelings and attitudes so they may better differentiate between the personal and professional self. Students maintain written records of their activities which are used in the linked course as a basis for classroom discussion.

Notes: Was HSERV 147A previous to Fall 2010.

Corequisite: HSERV 183 Addiction Counseling Methods .
Offered fall semester.