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Fall 2020 - Summer 2021 Course Catalog 
Fall 2020 - Summer 2021 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HOSP 224 - Hospitality Human Resources Seminar

2 credits

Topics pertaining to the training and responsibilities of Hospitality Industry Human Resources professionals, including current regulations, requirements, laws, policies and procedures are addressed through readings and presentations of guest lecturers. Students are prepared for the Manage First Hospitality and Human Resources certification exam. Students are obligated to fulfill their degree work experience requirements at an approved job in the hospitality industry. A written report based on the students’ experiences, following specified guidelines, is an integral part of this class.

Prerequisites: CULIN 123 - Quantity of Food Production (Lecture)  and CULIN 124 - Quantity of Food Production (Lab)  
Offered spring semester.