Jun 16, 2024  
Fall 2020 - Summer 2021 Course Catalog 
Fall 2020 - Summer 2021 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

COMSC 210 - Discrete Structures for Computer Science

4 credits

The purpose of this course is to understand and use (abstract) discrete structures that are backbones of computer science.  The course includes logic, sets, relations, functions, induction, recursion, counting methods, graphs, trees, boolean algebra, with an emphasis on applications in computer science.


Was MATH 178 - Discrete Mathematics prior to Fall 2019.

Notes: Specific graphics calculator required; wait until first day of class before purchasing.

Prerequisites: MATH 160 - Precalculus for Business  OR MATH 161 - Precalculus (Functions and Coordinate Geometry)  AND COMSC 101 - Computer Programming 1  
Offered based on student demand.