Oct 04, 2023  
Fall 2021 - Summer 2022 Academic Catalog 
Fall 2021 - Summer 2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ADN 231 - ADN-Nursing 4 (and Clinical Study)

12 credits

Consideration of complex health problems of adults and children; opportunity provided for students to care for adults and children in acute care facilities. Principles of advanced pathophysiology, pharmacology, and leadership are integrated. Seminars focus on preparation for entry-level into the profession.

Notes: May be taken for Honors credit.

Prerequisites: Completion of course ADN 221 ADN-Nursing 3 (and Lab, and Clinical Study)  with a grade of “C+” or better. 
Pre or Corequisites: NUTR 101 - Foundations of Nutrition  or NUTR 109 - Nutrition for Health Care 

Offered spring and fall semesters.