Sep 29, 2023  
Fall 2021 - Summer 2022 Academic Catalog 
Fall 2021 - Summer 2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MECH 265 - Autodesk Inventor

3 credits

An introductory course in Autodesk’s Inventor software using parametric modeling techniques and sketching tools to creating three-dimensional parts, assemblies, and 3-D presentations of mechanical components. Students will become familiar with e Inventor’s interface, tools and user options needed to create and print drawings and printable 3D models. Students will create and modify mechanical drawings in  preparation for simulation, rapid prototyping and manufacturing.

Notes: This is a follow-up course, part of a sequence of drafting and design courses intended to prepare students for proficient use of multiple drafting platforms that serve the field of engineering.

Prerequisites: MECH 162 Autodesk AutoCAD