Oct 03, 2023  
Fall 2022 - Summer 2023 Academic Catalog 
Fall 2022 - Summer 2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

COMSC 123 - Home Technology Integration

3 credits

Home Technology Integration (HTI) introduces students to the field of home networking technology. Students are exposed to various residential subsystems including residential networking, lighting, HVAC controls and home security and entertainment systems. Students receive a comprehensive overview of technology integration and automation, including hands-on experience with residential subsystems, structured wiring, systems integration, and an introduction to networking, safety and security. This course prepares students for the CompTIA HTI+ Certified exam.

Prerequisites: Students must demonstrate readiness for Analytical Reading and college-level mathematics by attaining appropriate scores on the Placement Exam, or by attaining passing grades in the appropriate developmental courses, or by completion of previous college-level mathematics or English courses.