May 23, 2024  
Fall 2024 - Summer 2025 Academic Catalog 
Fall 2024 - Summer 2025 Academic Catalog

MGT 215 - Global Business

3 credits

This course examines the development of the distinctive features of at least one civilization or culture in relation to other regions of the world. This is achieved by an exploration of the cultural, historical, legal, political, economic, technological, and other factors that affect businesses operating globally. Students will also develop an understanding of the structures, systems, and interrelationships among civilizations and cultures within contemporary contexts. Topics such as the scope of international business, multinational firms, government policies, trade theories, and sustainability are also explored. The course also develops the student’s ability to think critically, conduct sound research, analyze a variety of data, apply Management concepts to case studies, and publicly present a report.


Notes: May be taken for Honors credit with approval from the Business Program co-directors.

Prerequisites: MGT 101 Business Organization and Management , ECON 101 - Macroeconomics  OR ECON 102 - Microeconomics  with a grade of C or better