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Practical Nursing Certificate

Division: Natural & Health Science
Academic Dept: Nursing
HEGIS: 5209
Curriculum Chair: Prof. Kathleen DeLuca
Tel: 914-606-7898

Practical Nursing (PN) students prepare for entry-level positions as licensed practical nurses in hospitals, nursing homes, and the community. Practical nurses focus on administration of direct care in a holistic manner, with sensitivity to community and cultural needs. Nursing theory and skills are taught in the classroom and labs. Clinical experience in area institutions provides nursing practice with each course in a variety of settings: pharmacological and nutritional aspects of nursing are integrated to enhance learning and job readiness. Computers are utilized for data processing, Internet access, instruction, and review throughout the program. Laboratory practice enables the development of a multi-skilled practitioner, e.g., Venipuncture, EKG.

The PNA program consists of two summer sessions and two semester.  Students are required to purchase uniforms and supply their own transportation. Prior to starting the program, students are required to have a physical examination and obtain health clearance. Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded a certificate and become eligible to take the licensing examination in practical nursing.

Nursing students may participate in the college’s Honors Program. 


Program of Study

Course NameTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ENG 101 - Composition and Literature I
BIOL 121 - Anatomy and Physiology I (and Lab)
BIOL 123 - Anatomy and Physiology II (and Lab)
PSYCH 101 - General Psychology
SOC 101 - Introduction to Sociology
NURSE 102 - Dosage Calculations
  • Community First-Aid /CPR - Credit Hours 1
  • PN 101 - Nursing I (and Lab, and Clinical)
    PN 107 - Nursing II (and Lab, and Clinical)
    PN 201 - Nursing III (and Lab, and Clinical)
    PN 207 - Nursing IV (and Lab, and Clinical)

    Program Note(s):

    Practical Nursing is a selective curriculum and has an application deadline. Click the following link for more information about these deadlines and Nursing Information Sessions.

    Students must achieve a grade of “C” or better in all courses required for the program and a C+ or better in all required nursing courses. The Nursing Department policy manual contains specifics regarding readmission, etc. Students may be eligible for Nurse Aid Certification exam at midpoint in PN program, upon satisfactory completion of PN I & CPR.

    Required Screening
    Students admitted into this program must complete, at their own expense, a successful criminal background check and drug screening prior to beginning clinical courses. Please consult the curriculum chair of your program for additional details regarding the timetable and procedure for completing these requirements.


    Minimum Total Credits: 47

    Advisement Guide: The Advisement Guide provides important information to students about how best to complete this degree, including a semester-by-semester breakdown of how best to complete the required classes. Click here for the Advisement Guide’s 2-Semester Plan.

    Gainful Employment Disclosure