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Fall 2019 - Summer 2020 Course Catalog 
Fall 2019 - Summer 2020 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Liberal Arts and Sciences/Mathematics and Science A.S. – Biology

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School: Mathematics, Science and Engineering
Academic Dept: Biology
HEGIS: 5649


Important Note about Program Requirements

The requirements listed below are for students entering into this program from Fall 2019 to Summer 2020. Students who entered the program during a prior semester will find their specific requirements listed in the Catalog under which they entered. Archived Catalogs are accessible through the dropdown menu above.

Associate of Arts (A.A.) and Associate of Science (A.S.) Degrees Defined

The purpose of the A.A. and A.S. is to build a foundation in a discipline, then continue to higher levels of education by transferring to a four-year institution. The A.A. contains liberal arts credits; including coursework in the arts, humanities and social sciences, and provides flexibility to pursue several careers.  Conversely, coursework for the A.S. contains some liberal arts credits and coursework also directly applicable to a clearly defined career path. Click to learn more  about the differences among award types.

Second Degrees

A second associate degree for a specific concentration in a discipline which a student has already completed a degree is not academically recognized nor allowable. For instance:

  • If an Associate in Science: Liberal Arts and Sciences/Mathematics and Science has been earned, an additional Associate in Science: Liberal Arts and Sciences/Mathematics and Science with a concentration (Biology, Chemistry, Health Science, or Mathematics) is not allowed.
  • If an Associate of Arts: Liberal Arts and Sciences/Humanities has been earned, an additional Associate of Arts: Liberal Arts and Sciences/Humanities degree with a concentration (Art Studio, English, History, Honors, or Spanish) is not allowed.
  • If an Associate of Arts: Liberal Arts and Sciences/Social Sciences has been earned, an additional Associate of Arts: Liberal Arts and Sciences/Social Sciences with a concentration (Anthropology, Economics, History, Honors, Psychology, or Sociology) is not allowed.

This second associate degree policy also applies to all other degrees with concentrations, including but not limited to: Engineering Science A.S., Liberal Arts and Sciences/Childhood Education A.S., and Business Management A.S.

Program Description

The Liberal Arts & Sciences/Mathematics and Science (LAMS) program leads to the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree. The LAMS concentration in biology mirrors the first two years of a four-year biology program with an emphasis in majors-level mathematics and natural sciences. Qualified graduates of this program most often continue their studies at four-year colleges and universities in baccalaureate programs in biology, or further their education towards a one of a number of allied health programs whose competitive admission requirements require coursework in mathematics and/or natural science at the majors-level, such as pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy, physician’s assistant, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) programs.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, a student will:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in mathematics that indicates readiness for calculus.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific process and how it is applied in the natural sciences.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of foundational concepts in math and/or science necessary for transferring seamlessly into four-year programs in the Biological Sciences.

Advice for Graduates Transferring to Bachelor’s Programs in Biology

The distribution of courses to meet the requirements for the A.S. degree varies depending on the student’s interests, so it is very important that a student review the requirements for the first two years of any colleges to which he or she might transfer. Course selection can then be made with advice from an Academic Counselor or the Liberal Arts Math and Science (LAMS) Curriculum Chair (Chad.Thompson@sunywcc.edu).

Students interested in transfer programs related to biology (i.e. pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy, physician’s assistant, and BSN programs) should also carefully review the admission requirements to those career programs. This will help the student make informed decisions about which specific math and science courses to take within the LAMS program.

Program Requirements

General Education Requirements - 31 Credits

Students are required to fulfill a certain number of credits within the specific categories shown below. Where specific courses are not listed within these categories, courses must be selected from the list of SUNY General Education Courses .

Basic Communication (3 credits)

Humanities (3 credits)

Social Sciences (3 credits)

The Arts, Foreign Language, or Other World Civilizations (3 credits)

Select a course from ONE of the following categories:

American History or Western Civilization (3 credits)

Select a course from ONE of the following categories:

Minimum Total Credits - 60

Career Path Opportunities

Career Coach: Explore Your Career PathAre you wondering what careers you can explore with a degree or certificate? Perhaps you are not sure what people do or how much money they make in certain careers that pique your interest? Would you like to know how many jobs are predicted to be available in a particular industry? Or maybe you are unsure whether receiving a degree or certificate would be right for you? Go to https://sunywcc.emsicareercoach.com to explore career paths, their associated job descriptions, salary trends, and jobs trends. Complete a career assessment for additional guidance. Still not sure? Visit www.sunywcc.edu/career for more career resources and contacts.

Transfer Opportunities (SUNY)

Westchester Community College is committed to facilitating a smooth transfer process for its incoming and graduating students. To ensure its graduates enjoy a seamless transfer with junior status to another college in the same discipline at both institutions (transferred from/to) and are able to complete a bachelor’s degree within two years of full-time study upon transfer, Westchester Community College has signed Transfer Articulation Agreements with many colleges that offer bachelor’s degree programs. Visit www.sunywcc.edu/transferarticulation to see a list of Articulation Agreements by institution or search by a specific program of study. Visit www.sunywcc.edu/transfer for additional transfer resources and contacts. 

State University of New York (SUNY) Transfer Paths

SUNY Transfer Path LogoThis program of study is an approved SUNY Transfer Path, which guarantees SUNY two-year associate of arts and associate of science graduates a seamless transfer path from the associate’s degree level of study to the bachelor’s degree level within the SUNY system. This applies to degrees received in the same discipline at both institutions in a designated SUNY Transfer Path. Students will have junior status upon transfer, which allows for the completion of a bachelor’s degree within two additional years of full-time study. Visit SUNY Transfer Paths for more information about how to advance your academic career within the State University of New York.

Transfer Scholarship Opportunities

Many colleges and universities are eager to have Westchester Community College graduates transfer to their institutions. Consider this an incentive to complete your WCC degrees with high honors!  Go to www.sunywcc.edu/scholarships to view the many transfer scholarship opportunities to four-year colleges.

Getting Started

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