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Fall 2022 - Summer 2023 Academic Catalog 
Fall 2022 - Summer 2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Engineering Science A.S. - Mechanical Concentration

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School: Mathematics, Science and Engineering
Academic Dept: Engineering
HEGIS: 5609

Important Note about Program Requirements

The requirements listed below are for students entering into this program from Fall 2022 to Summer 2023. Students who entered the program during a prior semester will find their specific requirements listed in the Catalog under which they entered. Archived Catalogs are accessible through the dropdown menu above.



Program Description

Engineering is a growing profession integrating science and mathematics with design and laboratory study. It is and will be the profession upon which the United States depends for its growth and ability to compete in world markets. Our Engineering Science program parallels the first two years of the four-year engineering curriculum of most engineering schools throughout the country. The program not only leads to an Associate in Science degree but also to transfer to a host of engineering schools.

To prepare to become accomplished engineers, students combine studies of the fundamental concepts of calculus, chemistry, physics, electricity, energy, engineering mechanics, and computer science with the development of writing and reading skills and studies in the social sciences and the humanities. Upon transfer as juniors to four-year engineering institutions, our engineering graduates are not only well versed in math and the sciences, but also can read and write well and are sensitive to the needs of the world in which they live.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, a student will:

  1. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of mathematics through differential equations.
  2. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the basic laws of calculus based physics.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the engineering methodology used in solving problems.

Program Map

The academic map below presents the recommended plan of study and will guide you through your program in a timely manner. Click the course abbreviations for full course descriptions. A course may be critical because it is a pre-requisite, requires a minimum grade, or because it is only offered once a year. Missing a critical course may push back your graduation date. Meet with an Academic Counselor or Faculty Advisor to ensure you are on track to complete your program.

Critical Courses should be taken in the order shown to stay on track and graduate on time.


 Semester 1

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Critical Course Pre-reqs or Co-reqs Credits Notes
MATH 181   4  
MECH 109   3  
PHYSC 121   5  
ENG 101     3  
Semester Total Credits     15  

Semester 2

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Critical Course Pre-reqs or Co-reqs Credits Notes
MATH 191   4  
PHYSC 122   5  
MECH 126   3  
COMSC 101   3  
ENG 102     3  
Semester Total Credits     18  

Semester 3

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Critical Course Pre-reqs or Co-reqs Credits Notes
MATH 230   4  
CHEM 107   5  
MATH 240   4  
Social Sciences Gen Ed Elective       3  
American History, The Arts, Foreign Language, Other World Civilizations, or Western Civilization Gen Ed Elective       3  
Semester Total Credits     19  

Semester 4

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Critical Course Pre-reqs or Co-reqs Credits Notes
Major Elective   3
Major Elective   3
Major Elective   3
Major Elective   4
Semester Total Credits     13  


✹ Choose one: ELEC 223 , ELEC 255 MATH 215 , MECH 115 , MECH 204 , or CIVIL 221  

Minimum Total Credits: 65



Transfer Opportunities

Westchester Community College is committed to facilitating a smooth transfer process to ensure that graduates of the college are prepared to transfer with junior status, and are able to complete a bachelor’s degree within two years of full-time study upon transfer. View 4-year institutions’ transfer agreement information by program here.

Career Opportunities

Visit Career Coach to explore career paths, job descriptions, salary trends, and job trends.

Visit the Career Services page for more career resources.

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