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Fall 2011 Course Catalog 
Fall 2011 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life and Services


The Division of Student Development and Support Services


Through the Division of Student Development and Support Services, the college offers a wide range of services designed to help students select and successfully pursue programs of study most appropriate to their interests and goals. The objective of the Division is to assist each student in planning a well-rounded college experience, one which balances formal classroom experience with enjoyable extracurricular activities.


 Counseling and Student Development Department


Initial contact with a member of the counseling faculty usually occurs at the time of the admissions conference. During this first meeting, student and counselor explore the student’s interests, academic and career goals, suitable college programs, and helpful strategies for beginning a successful college experience. Academic and vocational counseling is available to students throughout their enrollment at the college.

Counseling services emphasize the promotion of personal and interpersonal growth. Through individual or group counseling sessions and specialized workshops, the counseling staff teaches skills that increase self-awareness and promote effective crisis-coping, decision-making, and meaningful communication, all of which will enhance the student’s experience at the college and throughout life.

Counselors provide additional support for students with special needs, such as personal or academic difficulties, physical or emotional handicaps, re-entry after years away from school or adjustment to a foreign country. For further information, call 914-606-6572.

TRIO Grant/Student Support Services

This federally funded program provides support services to students identified as having academic need who are low-income, first generation college and/or disabled. Enrollment in this program provides students with potential financial grant aid, one-on-one tutoring, personal mentoring and counseling, academic advisement, career and transfer assistance, cultural programs and leadership and study skills workshops. Program goals are to assist students in remaining in school, becoming academically successful, and graduating or transferring to a four-year institution. For more information, please contact TRIO Grant Director Rita Slavin at 914-606-8523.

The Women’s Forum

The Women’s Forum is a day program of support services designed to ease and enhance the experiences of adult women students who have resumed their education at Westchester Community College. Services include a “Welcoming Reception” for new students, program planning, workshops, seminars, peer discussion groups, and academic and personal counseling. College information and referrals to on- and off-campus resources are offered during daily “Drop-in” office hours or by telephone and email. The college’s Workplace Culture Coaching corporate mentoring program for female students is also coordinated through the Women’s Forum. The office is located in the Science Building, Room 118. Contact the Women’s Forum at 914-606-6901.


 Child Care


Westchester Community College’s on-campus Virginia Marx Children’s Center provides care for children of full- and part-time students in a bright, well-equipped building designed for children. The Center is professionally staffed, nationally accredited, and licensed to serve children between the ages of six weeks and five years, nine months. The Center is open 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, 51 weeks of the year. Full-time and part-time care is available for student-parents. Financial assistance is available for Westchester Community College students. For further information, contact the Director of the Children’s Center at 914-606-6644.


 Veterans’ Affairs


The services of the Office of Veterans’ Affairs (OVA) include the following: personal and career counseling, Veterans’ Administration form processing, special education programs, financial aid, tuition deferment, and loan assistance. OVA works closely with the Admissions Office, the Counseling and Student Development Department, the Financial Aid Office, and the Job and Career Center. The Office is housed in the Financial Aid Office. For further information, call 914-606-6773.


 Services for Students with Disabilities


Westchester Community College provides varied services to help students with disabilities maximize their opportunities to succeed. Students who are disabled and who need assistance may contact the Coordinator for Accommodations at 914-606-8585, the Learning Disabilities Specialist at 914-606-6626, or the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities at 914-606-6552.

Support services are offered in the following areas: academic, personal, and career counseling; priority registration; and special parking. Advocacy and coordination with other Westchester Community College departments and community agencies is provided. Campus facilities are relatively barrier free and accessible. The campus also is accessible by public and private transportation. For more information, call 914-606-6552.


 Career and Transfer Center



The counselors and staff of the Career and Transfer Center help current and former students make informed career and transfer decisions and, locate and obtain jobs before and upon graduation. All students who attend full or part-time, at the main or satellite campuses and take credit or noncredit courses are eligible to use the Center, free of charge, for an indefinite period. The Center’s web site contains detailed information about programs and services, a monthly calendar of events and workshops, and links to career and transfer sites on the Internet. The Center also contains a Career/Transfer Library with college catalogs, job search material, career information, several computers, a copier/fax machine and a telephone for student use. A technician helps students access print, video and computer and Internet based information.

Career Counselors help students assess career options, plan their career/curriculum and take steps toward transfer to four-year colleges. A structured career assessment program to guide students through the career decision-making process is available. Various standardized tools and exercises, such as the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and a computer-based program (DISCOVER Career and Educational Planning System) are used to gather information about interests, values, needs, personality style and skills.

To facilitate transfer, the Coordinator of Transfer Services brings representatives from more than 100 four-year colleges and universities to visit the campus each year at the Annual Transfer Day event in October. Additional specific information about their institutions is shared with prospective students. In addition, students are encouraged to take advantage of the various resources and materials available in the Career and Transfer Center and to also access the library collection of directories and college catalogs.

Cooperative Education/Internship Program

This experiential learning program provides opportunities for students to gain career related work experiences while completing a degree. Paid and unpaid positions are available, and in many curricula, students can earn academic credit as part of the program. The college has partnerships with many organizations/corporations in Westchester that provide placements. Students that participate in this program:

  • Have the opportunity to “test” interests and abilities in the work world
  • Develop a better sense of their career direction
  • Acquire professional experience and skills
  • Enhance their confidence, self-esteem and professionalism
  • Gain a competitive edge when seeking full-time employment

Further details about the program are available at www.sunywcc.edu/ctcenter

Job Placement Assistance and On-Campus Recruitment

Each year local employers list thousands of part-time, seasonal and full-time positions with the Career and Transfer Center. Many attend our annual job fairs and some recruit monthly on campus.

The Career and Transfer Center has an online job board to provide students and alumni 24/7 Internet access to part-time, full-time, seasonal/summer, and internship job opportunities. Students and alumni are able to register online, search job listings and post and forward their resumes and portfolios to employers. Access the college’s job board at www.collegecentral.com/sunywcc.

Federal Work/Study and America Reads/Counts Program

The Center places work/study students in on-campus positions and coordinates the placement of students in the college’s America Reads Program. This program places students in tutoring positions in non-profit organizations such as day care centers, elementary schools and the YMCA. The goal of the program is to assist elementary school children in grades K-5 with reading and math skills. Clerical type positions are also available in community service organizations through this program.

Workshops, Courses and Annual Events to Facilitate Transfer and Career Decisions

Resume Preparation and Interview Skills are some of the workshops offered during the academic year at the main campus. Annual events sponsored by the Career & Transfer Center are: the Job & Internship Fair, the Health Care Career Fair, Transfer Day, Transfer Night and Scholarship Day. Counselors work closely with faculty to design career-related events targeted to college majors.




JobSTAR originated in 1990 when Westchester Community College and the Westchester County Department of Social Services began a relationship as collaborative partners. Since the program’s inception, its primary goal has been to assist participants to improve their educational skills, which will maximize their earning potential and promote self-sufficiency. JobSTAR is involved in the design and implementation of several programs providing services to TANF and TANF eligible customers.


 Student Health Center


The Student Health Center is located in the Student Center Building, Room 112, next to the Student Affairs Office. The Coordinator of Student Health Services is a professional registered nurse.

The Coordinator acts as a liaison between students and faculty. Absences of more than three days due to illness, injury, death in the family, etc., should be reported to the Health Center. The Health Center will notify the faculty, but cannot officially excuse an absence.

Proof of compliance with the New York State Immunization laws must be submitted to the Health Office prior to registering for 6 or more credit hours. Please see Immunization Requirements in the Admissions section  for details.

All physical reports required by specialized curricula for clinical field work must be submitted to the Health Office, as well.

Services Available in the Health Center

  • Care for minor illnesses and accidents.
  • Medical withdrawals for students who must withdraw from school due to medical reasons.
  • Information on student accident and health insurance.
  • Health counseling. (Complete confidentiality is assured.)
  • Referral to community health agencies.
  • Assistance in obtaining special parking permits for handicapped students.
  • Blood pressure checks.
  • Health education materials available to students for personal or educational use.
  • Day beds for rest.
  • Emergency response to campus incidents.

Health Center hours are 8:30 am to 8:30 pm Monday through Thursday, and 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Fridays. During the summer, Friday hours are 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Accident and Voluntary Sickness Insurance Plan

Included among student fees is mandatory accident insurance coverage. Full-time students are provided 24-hour, seven-day-a-week coverage for campus- and non-campus-related accidents. Part-time students are covered while participating in activities required of them by the college on or off campus.

Full-time students and part-time students taking six (6) or more credits are eligible for a voluntary sickness insurance plan at an additional fee. This sickness insurance plan provides up to $25,000 of coverage per sickness, subject to certain limits and conditions. Students must enroll no later than October 17 for fall semesters and February 15 for spring semesters.

Online application and details about the accident and voluntary sickness coverage are available at: www.ajfusa.com. Students may also call The Allen J. Flood Companies at 1-800-734-9326 or contact the Faculty Student Association Office at the rear of the bookstore on the Valhalla campus.


 Student Activities


Extracurricular and co-curricular activities at the college include varsity, club, and intramural athletics; student publications; a variety of special interest clubs; student senate and forum-sponsored social activities; and a full range of cultural events. These activities complement students’ academic work and offer opportunities to form new friendships and to develop leadership and responsibility. Participation can give a sense of community with the rest of the college and help make college a memorable experience.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association comprises senators from all clubs and organizations. It promotes and administers student activities at the college, sponsoring and contributing to the financial support of college clubs, publications, athletics, and social affairs and bringing student concerns to the attention of the college administration.

Each spring the student body elects a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer for the following year. A one-week campaign enables students to hear and question those who will head the Student Senate.

Orientation Program

The orientation program provides a friendly introduction to college life for the incoming student. Orientation takes place during the week before fall classes begin and gives entering students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with college facilities, activities, and regulations. A breakfast held on campus during orientation enables new students to meet fellow students and members of the faculty and administration.


 Student Organizations


For students interested in the arts:

  • Brass Ensemble
  • Choral Group
  • Dance Club
  • Danceworks
  • Drama Club
  • Music Club
  • Orchestra and Band
  • Visual Arts Society
  • Westchester Community College Singers
  • WARY-FM – 88 (Radio Station)

 For student writers, the following publications:

  • The Viking News — Westchester Community College student newspaper
  • Verdandi — Honors Program journal
  • International Voices — International student essays
  • Digital Yearbook Committee
  • Ink — Student creative writing projects

For those with special interests, Westchester Community College’s clubs* include but are not limited to:




Westchester Community College Athletics is committed to providing opportunities to help students formulate and achieve their goals through a dedication to personal fitness and sporting competition. In order to support and sustain academic success and personal fulfillment for its students, the college encourages educating the whole person, both mind and body, to develop the intellectual, social and leadership qualities in each student. The primary goal for the Athletics program at Westchester Community College is to support the vision of the college by providing students with activities that will encourage them to succeed by promoting personal development, as well as fostering self-fulfillment through athletics.

Intercollegiate Program

Westchester Community College Athletics Department offers competition in ten intercollegiate sports. The college is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), Region XV of the NJCAA, Bowling USBC Collegiate and the Mid-Hudson Conference. The ten sports offered through the college include:

  Women Men
  Volleyball Soccer
  Basketball Basketball*
  Bowling Bowling
  Softball Baseball**
  Golf Golf *
* NJCAA Division I  
** NJCAA Division II  

The athletics facilities feature practice and competition sites for basketball and volleyball. In addition there are team and general locker rooms, a fully equipped training/rehabilitation room, equipment area, offices, classrooms and a meeting room. Our 2,500 square foot weight-room and 2,200 square foot fitness center are equipped with state-of-the-art cardiovascular equipment, resistive weight training equipment and free weight area. Additional facilities include swimming pool with six lanes as well as a four meter diving board, softball and baseball facilities, tennis courts, cross country course and track as well as a fully equipped boxing center which includes speed bags, heavy bags and a boxing ring.

Intramural/Extramural Athletics

All students, faculty, and staff may take part in sports activities such as competitive leagues, tournaments, and sport contests. The intramural program is conducted for and among those within the college, while the extramural program schedules sports activity between Westchester Community College and other colleges. In addition, there are ongoing athletic and recreational sports-related clubs.


 Cultural Programs


A varied program of world-class, highly-acclaimed performances and lectures is sponsored throughout the year by the Office of Cultural Affairs and by the student governments though the Student Affairs Office. Events are offered to students and the public. Financial support comes from student activity and cultural arts fees as well as ticket sales and grants.

During the year, two to three theatrical productions are staged in the Academic Arts Theatre by the Drama Club. Guest artists, from such world renowned companies as MOMIX, Pilobolus and Alvin Ailey, give master classes and perform for high school and college students drawn from schools throughout the County at Dance Days, scheduled by the Dance Department during the fall and spring. Danceworks, the college’s repertory company of student and alumni dancers, gives on-campus performances and makes off-campus appearances throughout the year.

Special subscription series have included the: Spotlight Series highlighting themes such as “World Music” and “Famous Women Artists”; “New World Voyager” series, featuring multi-cultural arts from around the world of music, dance and fusion arts; “Rising Renaissance” series, featuring new trends in the performing arts and its promising stars of tomorrow; “Legends and Legacies” series, featuring works of beloved master artists as well as age-old venerable art forms; “Farce n’ Folly” series, featuring comedic arts; also, the “Summer Arts Odyssey” series featuring varied and ‘light’ cultural fare. More recently, afternoon fare has been introduced with a “Family Matinee” series and the “Camerata Chamber” series featuring classical music. Poets and novelists visit each year to read from their work and discuss the writer’s craft. Most recently, lecture series have included a broad range of art subjects hosted by Metropolitan Museum of Arts lecturer, Oliver Bernier, and various opera lectures by Metropolitan Opera guest commentator, Bridget Paolucci. The Great Books Forum brings together interested readers in an encounter with great works of classic and modern literature.

Holiday and spring concerts are performed by the college’s musical organizations and by professional guest artists. A popular and wide-ranging film series rounds out the cultural program at the college.

For concert information, call the Cultural Affairs Manager at 914-606-6262. For specific listings/calendars of student activities, call the Coordinator of Student Activities, 914-606-6732.

Fine Arts Gallery

Westchester Community College Fine Arts Gallery supports the teaching functions of the college with a diverse range of exhibitions, lectures, and colloquia. Exhibitions feature work by contemporary artists of regional, national, and international reputation who reflect the diversity of the college’s student body. The gallery also features exhibits of student and faculty work. This exhibition program is supplemented with periodic gallery talks by visiting artists and scholars. Gallery exhibitions and events are free and open to the public.

The Fine Arts Gallery is located in the Academic Arts Building across from the Theatre. It is open Monday-Saturday (10:00 am-3:00 pm) and Thursday evenings (4:00-6:00 pm). For more information, please call 914-606-7867.

College Bookstore


The Bookstore carries a wide range of merchandise. It is sponsored by the Faculty-Student Association of Westchester Community College.

The Bookstore supplies:

  • All required textbooks and course materials
  • Computer software at educational pricing
  • New York Times bestsellers – discounted 30%
  • Reference books
  • Campus wear
  • Insignia items
  • Film
  • Cookbooks
  • Magazines
  • Study aids
  • Electronics
  • School supplies
  • Greeting cards
  • Children’s books
  • Backpacks and book bags
  • Snacks and candy

Extended hours will be posted for the beginning and ending of each semester, as well as Book Buy-Back at the end of each term. To confirm current store hours, please call 914-606-6475.

The Bookstore is located alongside the Student Center Building.

Dining Services


The Cafeteria, located in the Student Center Building, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to students, faculty, and staff. Hours are Monday-Thursday from 7:30 am- 6:15 pm; Fridays from 7:30 am-1:45 pm. Call 914-606-6617 for Saturday hours and hours during breaks. Owned and operated by the Faculty Student Association (FSA) of Westchester Community College, the facility serves a wide variety of hot and cold entrees, express grill selections, full deli and salad bar offerings, and an assortment of beverages. Planning a special event on campus? Our acclaimed Catering Department can tailor a menu for any campus occasion. Call for a copy of our menu.