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Spring 2016 Course Catalog 
Spring 2016 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Paramedic A.A.S.

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Division: Natural and Health Science
Academic Dept: Pre Hospital Emergency Medical Service
HEGIS: 5299
Curriculum Chair: Prof. Robert Gurliacci
Telephone: 914-606-6796
Email: robert.gurliacci@sunywcc.edu

A Note about Program Requirements

The requirements listed below are for students entering into this program in Spring 2016. Students who entered the program during a prior semester will find their specific requirements listed in the Catalog under which they entered. Archived Catalogs are accessible through the dropdown menu above.

Program Description

The Paramedic program prepares students for careers as paramedics, the most advanced pre-hospital EMS provider. In addition to certification by the New York State Department of Health, paramedic students have the opportunity to become Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician–Paramedics (NREMT-P).

Program Learning Outcomes

The purpose of the paramedic program at Westchester Community College is to prepare competent entry-level Paramedics in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains. Graduates of the program will demonstrate an understanding of the liberal arts obtained from the general education core requirements.

Paramedic Admissions Requirements

The paramedic program is a selective curriculum. Departmental consent is required for acceptance into this program and is based on the following criteria:

  1. Current certification by the New York State Department of Health as an Emergency Medical Technician.* (Students are required to maintain this certification for the duration of the degree requirements.)
  2. Experience in a commercial EMS system.

For admission to this program, contact either the Health Sciences Counselor sabrina.hochberg@sunywcc.edu or the Paramedic Curriculum Chair robert.gurliacci@sunywcc.edu.

*This certification may be obtained upon successful completion of EMS 101  or from any other NY State Department of Health approved Emergency Medical Technician Course. Visit www.health.ny.gov/professionals/ems/training.htm for more information.

General Education Requirements - 18 Credits

Students are required to fulfill a certain number of credits within the specific categories shown below. Where specific courses are not listed within these categories, courses must be selected from the list of SUNY General Education Courses .

Basic Communication (3 credits)

Humanities (3 credits)

Mathematics (3 credits)

Social Sciences (3 credits)

Foreign Language or Other World Civilizations (3 credits)

  • Select a course from ONE of the following categories:

                    Foreign Language - see SUNY General Education Courses  
                    Other World Civilizations - see SUNY General Education Courses  

American History or Western Civilization (3 credits)

  • Select a course from ONE of the following categories:

                    American History - see SUNY General Education Courses  
                    Western Civilization - see SUNY General Education Courses  

Minimum Total Credits - 64

Educational Plan: The Educational Plan is an advisement tool that provides important information to students about how to complete this degree. Click here to Download the Educational Plan .

Program Note(s):

Sequential Courses and Cohort Model
There are courses that need to be taken in sequence for this program. Therefore, a cohort of students that begin EMS 121  can expect to progress through the remaining courses together. To facilitate entry into the program two cohorts are started each year, one in the fall semester and another in the spring. Please see below for details.

Part-Time and Full-Time Options
The fall semester cohort as listed above utilizes 7.5 week semesters and follows a full-time class schedule. Students that begin this cohort in the fall semester may complete the program within one year and sit for the NY State Department of Health Paramedic Certification Exam in August. 

The spring semester cohort is designed for students looking for a part-time course of study and begins in the spring semester. Students that begin this cohort in the spring may complete the program in a year and a half, sitting for the NY State Department of Health Paramedic Certification Exam in August of the following year. 

Required Screening
Students admitted into this program must complete, at their own expense, a successful criminal background check and drug screening prior to beginning clinical courses. Please consult the Curriculum Chair for additional details regarding the timetable and procedure for completing these requirements.

Health Requirements
Prior to EMS 221 , each student will submit, to the College Health Services office, the results of a physical examination, laboratory tests, and documentation on forms provided by the College.

Clinical Practice
Clinical practice is an integral part of all paramedic programs and is a large part of EMS 221 , EMS 222 , and EMS 231 . Transportation to clinical agencies is the responsibility of the student. Malpractice insurance must be carried by all students throughout the program. (See Financial Information/Fees )

School uniforms are worn in the clinical area and must be purchased by the student.

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