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Spring 2016 Course Catalog 
Spring 2016 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


General Requirements for Admission


Admission to Westchester Community College is on a space available basis, and is determined without regard to the race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or handicap of applicants. While Westchester County residents are given first priority in admission, the college welcomes applications from students who reside elsewhere. The college reserves the right to withhold or suspend admissions, should the situation warrant it.

Admission to the college is open to applicants whose academic record and qualifications suggest that they have the ability to benefit from the educational experience. In addition, the applicant must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Possess a local or Regent’s high school diploma (an I.E.P. [Individual Education Plan] certificate of completion is not a recognized diploma)
  2. Possess a high school equivalency diploma (GED)
  3. Be admitted under the Home-Schooled Student requirements

  4. Be admitted through the New York State 24 Credit GED Program (see 24 Credit Hour GED Program)

Prospective students are not required by the college to submit standardized test scores such as SAT or ACT.

Placement tests in English and/or mathematics may be required as part of the enrollment process. (See Notification of Acceptance)

Applicants are expected to demonstrate a stable personality. An applicant with a history of substance abuse or other psychological problems may require further evaluation either prior to or following admission.


A matriculated student is one who has been formally admitted to the college, has registered in a curriculum or designated program and is pursuing courses toward a degree or certificate. A matriculated student may be full- or part-time, and may take day or evening courses depending on course offerings and personal preference.

In order to be matriculated at the college the student must meet the following conditions:

  1. Possess a Regent’s High School diploma (an IEP “diploma” is not acceptable as proof of high school graduation).


  1. Possess a GED (General Equivalency Diploma)


  1. Be formally admitted and pursuing courses leading to a degree or certificate.


A non-matriculated student is one who submits an application and enrolls in classes without the intention of earning a degree or certificate.


When To Apply


Westchester Community College accepts applications for admission on a rolling basis.

For Fall Admission (September)

Applicants for fall admission are encouraged to complete admissions procedures prior to May 1. This enables the college to process applications and notify applicants of admissions decisions on a timely basis.

For Spring Admission (January)

Applicants for spring admission are encouraged to complete admissions procedures by December 1 or as early as possible before the start of the spring semester. This enables the college to process applications and notify applicants of admissions decisions on a timely basis.

For Summer Admission

Applicants are encouraged to complete admission procedures in early April or as soon as possible before the start of the summer sessions to facilitate registration in appropriate courses.


Application Procedures

  1. Obtain an application from the high school guidance office, request one from the Office of Admissions, Westchester Community College, Valhalla, New York 10595-1698, 914-606-6735, or download one from the college web site. 
  2. Submit the Application for Admission and official high school transcripts or GED results, as well as any college-level transcripts, to the Office of Admissions, Westchester Community College, Valhalla, New York 10595-1698.
  3. Students who have taken standardized tests such as the American College Test (ACT) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) are encouraged to submit results. However, these exams are not a requirement for admission. Those who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university should give attention to such examinations where necessary.
  4. All credentials presented for admission to Westchester Community College will become the property of the college and may not be returned to the applicant.

Certificate of Residence

All applicants who have not resided in Westchester County for six months prior to attendance but who are New York State residents must supply a Certificate or Residence from the Chief Fiscal Officer of their county of residence. A signed Certificate of Residence is valid for one year, from September through August. Failure to submit this document will result in a non-resident tuition charge.

Immunization Requirements

The New York State Public Health Law mandates:

  • All students, regardless of age, registering for 6 or more credit hours, must read the Meningococcal Meningitis fact sheet and sign the response form indicating whether or not the meningitis vaccine was received. (Parents or legal guardians must sign the meningitis response form for students under the age of 18)
  • All students born on or after January 1, 1957, registering for 6 or more credit hours, provide proof of meeting the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccination requirements. The requirements are as follows:


  • Two injections on or after January 1, 1968 (at least 30 days apart), administered on or after the student’s first birthday. Immunizations administered prior to 1968 are acceptable if there is proof that a live vaccine was administered.
  • Or provide the date of the physician documented disease
  • Or provide proof of a positive immune titer.


  • One injection on or after January 1, 1969 administered after the student’s first birthday
  • Or provide the date of the physician documented disease
  • Or provide proof of a positive immune titer


  • One injection on or after January 1, 1969 administered after the student’s first birthday
  • Or provide proof of a positive immune titer (Proof of disease is not acceptable)

Students must fill out Part I of the Westchester Community College Immunization Record Form and Healthcare Providers must complete and sign Part II. Physician, clinic, hospital and school records can also be submitted in place of Part II.

All proof of immunization compliance must be presented at or prior to registration.

Any questions regarding immunizations can be directed to the Health Office at 914-606-6610.


Acceptance to the College


Applications are acted upon as they are received, and notification of acceptance is sent as soon thereafter as possible. Notification for selective programs will be sent as soon after the application deadline as possible.

In order to ensure that every student has the greatest chance for academic success, Westchester Community College has a mandatory placement testing policy. The placement examination is a series of short placement tests used to assess students’ competency levels in English, reading, and mathematics. The results are used to provide information to students and their counselors as they work together to develop an appropriate program for study.

Placement Testing

Upon admission to Westchester Community College, all matriculated students are required to take the Placement Examination prior to registering in any courses. Students who can demonstrate proof of completion of college-level math or writing courses with a grade of “C” or better from a regionally accredited college or university are exempt from placement testing.

All non-matriculated students who plan to enroll in an English, math or reading course must take the Placement Exam.

After acceptance and placement testing, all students are required to schedule an appointment with a counselor for identification of vocational and educational goals, course selection, and registration. For more information about Placement Testing, please visit www.sunywcc.edu/testingcenter.

Acceptance to the college does not necessarily carry with it the right to enroll in the courses or curricula of your choice unless your high school background and placement test results fulfill the required educational prerequisite requirements.  Enrollment in courses is on a first-come, first-serve basis; so early registration is highly recommended. Accordingly, students may be required to take basic preparatory courses, or concurrent corequisite courses, to make up deficiencies. A student may be accepted into a curriculum other than the one for which he/she originally applied.

Courses are available on a space-available basis only. Therefore, students are urged to take advantage of early registration to ensure enrollment in the desired courses.

Admission with Advanced Standing

A candidate for admission who has attended another institution of higher learning is required to follow the application procedures as outlined under General Requirements for Admission. In addition, official transcripts of all of the student’s previous college records must be forwarded to the Admissions Office.

A student may be granted a maximum of 50 percent of the required credits for a degree or certificate at Westchester Community College through transfer, examination or evaluation. Courses transferred as specific courses (not electives) must be determined to be the equivalent of the Westchester Community College courses they will replace. Within the requirements for the various curricula, there may be specific courses that must be taken at Westchester Community College. The post secondary institutions from which credits are received must be regionally accredited at the time the courses were taken. Transfer of international credits is at the discretion of the college. International credits must be evaluated by an outside accrediting agency prior to submission. Any course deemed equivalent to a college-level course at Westchester Community College in which the student has received a grade of “C” (i.e., 2.0) or better will be accepted for transfer credit. Courses in which grades of “P” (Pass) and “S” (Satisfactory) will also be accepted for transfer credit, provided the standard for achieving those grades is 2.0 or better.

In some curricula, arrangements have been made with certain high schools and other educational institutions for consideration of advanced standing of work completed at those schools.

Credits may also be granted through Advanced Placement (AP) examinations, the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and the College Proficiency Examination Program (CPEP) administered by the Regents College Examinations (RCE). Through these programs, a student may successfully complete examinations in a variety of subject areas and can be granted college credit. Click for information about Advanced Placement Exams  and CLEP Exams and Equivalent Courses . Inquiries concerning the CLEP or RCE may be addressed to the Transfer Evaluator, Office of Admissions at Westchester Community College, or the Regents College Examinations, Cultural Education Center, Box B, Albany, New York 12230. Also, limited credit may be granted for educational courses or training in the Armed Services.

Credit for Studies Completed while Serving in the Military

Students who have engaged in a course of study while serving in the military may be eligible to receive college credit at Westchester Community College.


  • The coursework completed in the military must be applicable to the program of study (degree) in which the student wishes to enroll (or is enrolled) at Westchester Community College.
  • Students must submit the following documents to the Transcript Evaluator in the Admissions Office:

    • AARTS1 transcript, or a SMART2, or a CCAF3 transcript 
    • An ACE4 recommendation/transcript
    • The DD214 (for Physical Education transfer credit)
  • Students may earn:
    • Generic credit identified by discipline or type of degree requirement 
    • Credit for a specific, parallel course
  • Transfer credit may fulfill
    • Core, Program or Elective requirements

1AARTS - Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript System
2SMARTS - Sailor/Marine American Council of Education Registry Transcript System
3CCAF - Community College of the Air Force
4ACE – American Council on Education

Early Admissions Program

Certain high school students may benefit either educationally or vocationally from beginning college study in individual courses or in a selected college curriculum earlier than the traditional college entry date. Such students may seek admission either on a full-time or part-time basis under the Early Admissions Program.

The Early Admission program allows qualified students to take classes at Westchester Community College while concurrently completing high school classes.

Once you have completed the placement test, your file will be reviewed and a decision will be made regarding your admission. The placement test must be completed in both Mathematics and English even if you have no plans to take classes in these subject areas.

  1. Applicants must successfully complete the high school curriculum through the eleventh grade with a “B” (80 out of 100) or better.
  2. Submit a copy of the most recent transcript.
  3. Applicants must submit a letter of permission and recommendation from their high school principal or guidance counselor.
  4. Applicants must follow the regular application procedures outlined above for entering freshmen (including Placement Testing).
  5. Applicants may be requested to submit a personal essay or schedule an admissions interview to explain their interest in the Early Admission Program. Early Admission applications will be reviewed by the Director of Admissions. Consideration for admission will be given on an individual basis.

Please note: Prospective students who are not high school graduates and whose scheduled graduation date has not yet passed are not eligible to receive Title IV (federal) Financial Aid.

Home Schooled Students

Home Schooled students must obtain a letter from their local school district officials confirming that they have completed a program of study that is “substantially equivalent” to instruction given to students graduating high school in the public schools. Applicants must follow the regular application procedures for entering freshmen (including Placement Testing).

24 Credit Hour GED Program

New York State Department of Education sponsors a 24 Credit Hour GED program that is designed for people who want to earn their GED while concurrently earning college credits.

To be eligible for this program:

  1. You must be at least 17 years of age.
  2. Your high school class must have already graduated.
  3. You must currently be a resident of New York State, and have been for at least one month.
  4. You must take the appropriate Westchester Community College Placement Tests and meet the minimum scores for admission.

Westchester Community College does not grant the New York State High School Equivalency Diploma. We offer the courses necessary to apply for the diploma through the New York State Education Department.

The High School Equivalency Program of the New York State Education Department has established the following guidelines for granting an equivalency diploma based on earned credit:

A student who has not earned a high school diploma may be issued a New York State High School Equivalency Diploma (GED) upon successful completion of the required 24 college-level credits as a recognized candidate for a college level degree or certificate from Westchester Community College.

A non high school grad (non GED recipient) student may be considered by the college as a recognized candidate for a degree or certificate only for the purpose of attaining the equivalency diploma certification.

Westchester Community College will consider an application for admission from students who do not have a high school diploma or equivalency, provided that they meet all of the following minimum criteria:

  1. The student’s high school class must have graduated.
  2. The student must contact the Admissions Office for information and to determine eligibility for the program.
  3. The student must take the placement test to determine “Ability to Benefit.”
  4. If admitted, the student must enroll in the required coursework following placement testing. A personal interview with an academic advisor, and submission of supportive documentation may be requested by the college.

Once enrolled, students must complete 24 credits within the following course distribution:

  • 6 credits in English language arts
  • 3 credits in mathematics
  • 3 credits in natural science
  • 3 credits of social science
  • 3 credits in humanities
  • 6 credits in career and technical education or foreign languages.

Upon completion of the 24 credits, students must submit required application forms and official transcripts to the New York State Education Department for certification and awarding of the GED.

For more information, contact the Office of Admissions, 914-606-6735.

Health Professions Admission

All students accepted into any health program will be required to complete a physical examination before they will be allowed to take clinical courses.

Professional Nursing, Practical Nursing, Radiologic Technology and Respiratory Care Admission

Applicants for the Associate Degree in Nursing (RN), Associate Degree in Radiologic Technology, Associate Degree in Respiratory Care or the Practical Nursing Certificate (PN), must complete all requirements and submit all necessary supporting documents to the Office of Admissions, Westchester Community College, Valhalla, New York 10595-1698. While applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, please note, these special programs have special application deadline dates which can be found within their official program descriptions found in this Catalog. Applications received after the deadline will be considered only on a space available basis. These programs have limited capacity and are of a selective nature. For more information contact the Office of Admissions at 914-606-6735.

Radiologic Technology*

Current general requirements to be considered for Radiologic Technology include a high school diploma (GED accepted) with two years of high school science, (including biology), and two years of high school mathematics to include algebra.

Respiratory Care*

Current general requirements for Respiratory Care are a high school diploma (GED accepted). Two years of high school science (biology and chemistry), and one year of high school algebra are strongly recommended.

*Programs may be limited geographically.

Admission of Veterans

Westchester Community College is fully recognized under State and Federal laws that provide for educational benefits to veterans. A Veterans Affairs counselor is available to assist you in obtaining your educational benefits, as well as to provide vocational/educational counseling, information about veteran’s benefits, and assistance in completing required forms. Call the Office of Financial Aid at 914-606-6773 for further information.

Admission as an International Student (F-1)

Any applicant who is not a citizen, or a documented permanent resident of the U.S. and who wishes to study at the college on a full-time basis, may apply for an F-1 (student) visa. Such a student is considered an international student throughout their academic stay. Students on F-1 visas must be admitted to the college on a full-time matriculated basis (see Matriculation). International students should download and print an International Student Application Packet from the college website. Please visit the International Student Services website for application deadlines. Applicants must submit:

  1. Westchester Community College Application for Admissions
  2. Autobiographical essay
  3. High school and/or college records
  4. State University of New York Foreign Student Financial Statement
    1. include financial support in form of bank statements 
    2. include affidavit of support for room & board (if necessary)
  5. Results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Minimum score for consideration is 500 on the paper test, 173 on the computer test, or 61 on the Internet based test. Students already in the United States can be evaluated by the Westchester Community College English Language Institute in place of the TOEFL. Those applications without the appropriate scores on the TOEFL or low English evaluations from the English Language Institute will be referred to the English Language Institute programs for English language study.

  6. Sponsor’s affidavit of annual financial support
    1. Include copies of income tax returns
    2. A letter of employment
  7. Copy of information page of passport
  8. Copy of visa & I-94 (if already in the United States)
  9. Copy of I-20 (if transferring from another college)




Students in attendance within the last seven years:

A student wishing to be considered for full-time readmission should contact the Office of Counseling and Student Development at 914-606-6779. A readmit student is a student who did not attend the college the previous semester (excluding summer sessions). For example, a student who attended Fall 2006 but not Spring 2007 and then applies for Fall 2007 is considered a readmit student. Returning students must satisfy any new graduation requirements in place when they return. Students attempting to return from a Dismissed Status should refer to Academic Reinstatement. A student who owes money to the college from a previous semester will not be readmitted until the debt is paid.

Students last in attendance more than seven years ago:

A student who last attended the college more than seven years ago must follow procedures as outlined for a new student.