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Spring 2016 Course Catalog 
Spring 2016 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Liberal Arts and Sciences/Mathematics and Science A.S.

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Division: Natural & Health Science
Academic Dept: Natural & Health Science
HEGIS: 5649
Curriculum Chair: Chad Thompson
Telephone: 914-606-7829
Email: chad.thompson@sunywcc.edu

A Note about Program Requirements

The requirements listed below are for students entering into this program in Spring 2016. Students who entered the program during a prior semester will find their specific requirements listed in the Catalog under which they entered. Archived Catalogs are accessible through the dropdown menu above.

Program Description

The Liberal Arts & Sciences/Mathematics and Science program leads to the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree. This program, with an emphasis in majors-level mathematics and natural sciences (e.g. chemistry, biology, and physics), allows the student to parallel the first two years of course content for the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in these disciplines. Qualified graduates of this program usually continue their studies at four-year colleges and universities in baccalaureate programs in mathematics and the natural sciences, or further their education towards a one of a number of allied health professions, whose competitive admission requirements require coursework in mathematics and/or natural science at the majors-level (i.e. Pre-Medicine, Pre-Pharmacy, Physician’s Assistant, and BSN Programs).

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to demonstrate:

  1. A proficiency in mathematics that indicates readiness for Calculus upon transfer.
  2. An understanding of the scientific process and how it is applied in the Natural Sciences.
  3. Knowledge of foundational concepts in math and/or science that will enable them to:
    1. Transfer seamlessly into four-year programs in Mathematics or in one of the Natural Sciences OR
    2. Competitively apply to four-year Nursing, or other similar allied health programs, with completed prerequisite requirements.  

Advice for Math/Science Transfer Students

The distribution of courses to meet the requirements for the A.S. degree varies depending on the student’s interests, so is very important that a student review the requirements for the first two years of any colleges to which he or she might transfer. Course selection can then be made with advice from an Academic Counselor or the Liberal Arts Math and Science (LAMS) Curriculum Chair (Chad.Thompson@sunywcc.edu). Students are also encouraged to use the following Transfer Chart  as an advisement tool in order to seamlessly transfer into four-year math and science programs. For students who interested in transfer programs related to Math and Science (i.e. Pre-Medicine, Pre-Pharmacy, Physician’s Assistant, and BSN Programs), they should also carefully review the admission requirements to those career programs in order to make informed discussions as to specific math and science courses taken within the LAMS program.

Advice for Students Interested in our Allied Health Programs

Many students with an interest in being accepted into one of the college’s Allied Health Programs (i.e. Nursing AAS, Radiologic Technology AAS, Respiratory Technology AAS) reside within the Liberal Arts Math and Science (LAMS) while they work on their entrance requirements. For these students, it is very important to understand, not only the entrance requirements for the new program, but also the specific math and science requirements for LAMS. In many cases, the entrance requirements for specific allied health programs deviate from the strict math and science requirements of LAMS. Therefore, it is essential that before a student begins to work on the entrance requirements for a competitive Allied Health AAS that the student is aware of both sets of requirements. Specially, they should understand where the math and science requirements overlap and where they do not. Informed course selections can then be made with advice from an Academic Counselor or the Health Science Curriculum Counselor (Sabrina.Hochberg@sunywcc.edu).

General Education Requirements - 31 Credits

Students are required to fulfill a certain number of credits within the specific categories shown below. Where specific courses are not listed within these categories, courses must be selected from the list of SUNY General Education Courses .

Basic Communication (3 credits)

Humanities (3 credits)

Social Sciences (3 credits)

The Arts, Foreign Language, or Other World Civilizations (3 credits)

  • Select a course from ONE of the following categories:

                    The Arts – see SUNY General Education Courses  
                    Foreign Languages – see SUNY General Education Courses  
                    Other World Civilizations – see SUNY General Education Courses  

American History or Western Civilization (3 credits)

  • Select a course from ONE of the following categories:

                    American History – see SUNY General Education Courses  
                    Western Civilization – see SUNY General Education Courses  

Degree Requirements - 29 Credits

  • Select either TWO additional Mathematics courses OR an additional Science Sequence (8 credits, see Mathematics and Natural Sciences lists above)
  • STEM Electives (3 additional elective courses, see STEM Electives List below)
  • Free Electives (9 credits, any college courses)

Minimum Total Credits - 60

Educational Plan: The Educational Plan is an advisement tool that provides important information to students about how to complete this degree. Click here to Download the Educational Plan .


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