Jun 07, 2023  
Fall 2023 - Summer 2024 Academic Catalog 
Fall 2023 - Summer 2024 Academic Catalog

Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses

Liberal arts and sciences courses are comprised of four categories of study: Humanities, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. 

Social Science


Any American Sign Language course (ASL)
Any Arabic course (ARABC)
Any Chinese course (CHINS)
Any French course (FREN)
Any German course (GER)
Any Italian course (ITAL)
Any Japanese course (JAPNS)
Any Philosophy course (PHIL)
Any Russian course (RUSSN)
Any Spanish course (SPAN) 
ART 107 Art as Visual Experience  
ART 107H Art as Visual Experience - Honors  
ART 108 Art of the Ancient World: Prehistory to Fourteenth Century   
ART 109A Contemporary Art   
ART 109H Art of the Modern World: Fifteenth Century to Present, Honors   
ART 128 History of Photography   
FASH 108 History of 20th Century Fashion 
LIN 201 Introduction to Linguistics 
MUSIC 100 History of Western Music: Up to 1800 
MUSIC 101 History of Western Music: 1800 to Present 
MUSIC 102 History of Electronic Music 
MUSIC 103 History of Jazz 
MUSIC 110H Basic Musicianship - Honors 
MUSIC 110 Basic Musicianship 
MUSIC 111 Music Theory 1 
MUSIC 150 Music Appreciation 1   
READ 105 Analytical Reading 
THEAT 101 Introduction to the Theatre 
THEAT 103 Western Drama 
ENG 101H Writing and Research - Honors 
ENG 101 Writing and Research 
ENG 102H Writing and Literature - Honors 
ENG 102 Writing and Literature 
ENG 113 Reading and Writing Poetry 
ENG 115 Creative Writing 
ENG 116 Life Writing 
ENG 128 Modern English Structure and Usage 
ENG 200 American Literature to 1865 
ENG 201 American Literature from 1865 
ENG 202 Children’s Literature 
ENG 203 African American Literature 
ENG 204 Literature of New York 
ENG 206H Cambridge Literature Studies - Honors 
ENG 208 Literature of the Americas 
ENG 209 Studies in the Short Story 
ENG 210H The American Dream - Honors 
ENG 211 Modern Drama 
ENG 215 Introduction to Shakespeare 
ENG 217H Holocaust Studies - Honors 
ENG 218 Literature and the Environment 
ENG 224H Great Books - Honors 
ENG 226 Leadership and the Humanities 
ENG 227H Contemporary Global Literature - Honors 
ENG 227 Contemporary Global Literature 
ENG 240 Studies in American Poetry 
ENG 241 Latin-American Literature 
ENG 242 Caribbean Literature 
ENG 243 Coming to America - Immigrant Literature 
ENG 244 Science Fiction 
ENG 245 LGBTQ Literature 
ESL 94 Introduction to Academic Writing 1 
FILM 100 Introduction to Film 
FILM 101 Film 1895 to 1945 
FILM 102 Film 1945 to Present 
FILM 103 The Great Directors 
FILM 109 Film – American Cinema 
FILM 113 Film Study: World Cinema 
FILM 125 Writing for Film 
FILM 220 Fiction Into Film  



MATH 116 The Development of Mathematical Thought 
MATH 117H College Quantitative Reasoning-Honors 
MATH 117 College Quantitative Reasoning 
MATH 118 Analytic Trigonometry with Applications 
MATH 120H The Nature of Mathematics - Honors 
MATH 120 The Nature of Mathematics 
MATH 123 Math for Elementary School Teachers 
MATH 131 College Algebra 
MATH 138 Elements of Geometry 
MATH 140 Statistics 
MATH 141 Business Statistics 
MATH 142 Statistics 2 
MATH 160 Precalculus for Business 
MATH 161 Precalculus (Functions and Coordinate Geometry) 
MATH 170H History of Math - Honors 
MATH 180 Calculus for Business 
MATH 181 Calculus 1 
MATH 191 Calculus 2 
MATH 215 Linear Algebra 
MATH 220 Introduction to Probability Theory 
MATH 230 Calculus 3 
MATH 240 Differential Equations 
MATH 250 Introduction to Mathematical Proof 
MATH 292 Mathematical Excursions  



BIOL 101 Principles of Biological Science (and Lab) 
BIOL 103 Human Biology (and Lab) 
BIOL 109 Basic Anatomy and Physiology Lecture and Lab 
BIOL 115 General Biology 1 (and Lab) 
BIOL 117 General Biology 2 (and Lab) 
BIOL 121 Anatomy and Physiology 1 (and Lab) 
BIOL 123 Anatomy and Physiology 2 (and Lab) 
BIOL 140 Evolution and Ecology 
BIOL 143 Environmental Science 
BIOL 144 Environmental Science (Lab) 
BIOL 147H Psychobiology - Honors 
BIOL 150 Introduction to Pharmacology 
BIOL 155 Environmental Studies 
BIOL 159 Problems in Pollution 
BIOL 160 Basic Pathophysiology 
BIOL 161 Biology of Human Sexuality 
BIOL 203 Basic Microbiology (and Lab) 
BIOL 221 General Microbiology (and Lab) 
BIOL 236 Human Genetics 
BIOL 237 Human Genetics Lab 
CHEM 107 Inorganic Chemistry 1 (and Lab) 
CHEM 111 Inorganic Chemistry 2 (and Lab) 
CHEM 113 Principles of Inorganic Chemistry (and Lab) 
CHEM 117 Principles of Organic Chemistry (and Lab) 
CHEM 145 Biochemistry of Addiction (and Lab) 
CHEM 201 Organic Chemistry 1 (and Lab) 
CHEM 205 Organic Chemistry 2 (and Lab) 
EMS 115 Human Body Systems 
HIT 110 Health Sciences 1 
HIT 130 Health Sciences 2 
PHYSC 111 College Physics 1 (plus required lab and workshop) 
PHYSC 112 College Physics 2 (plus required lab and workshop) 
PHYSC 120 Physical Science Explorations 
PHYSC 121 Engineering Physics 1 (and Lab) 
PHYSC 122 Engineering Physics 2 (and Lab) 
PHYSC 129 Introduction to Oceanography (and Lab) 
PHYSC 130 Physics Survey for Technicians 
PHYSC 143 Earth Science (and Lab) 
PHYSC 145 Weather and Forecasting (and Lab) 
PHYSC 151 Astronomy (and Lab) 
PHYSC 154H Life in the Universe - Honors 
PHYSC 162 Climate Change and Our Future 
PHYSC 165 Principles of Energy 
PHYSC 167 The Solar System - Lecture 
PHYSC 168 The Solar System Lab 
PHYSC 292 Physical Geography (and Lab)  


Social Science

ANTHR 101 Cultural Anthropology 
ANTHR 102 Intro to Archaeology 
ANTHR 102H Intro to Archaeology - Honors 
ANTHR 103 Biological Anthropology 
ANTHR 120 Native People of North America 
ANTHR 201 Introduction to Linguistics 
ANTHR 210 Religions of the World 
ANTHR 215H Magic, Myth and Ritual - Honors 
CJ 101 Intro to the Criminal Justice System in the U.S. 
CJ 111 - Introduction to Criminology  
CJ 120 Global Terrorism 
CJ 130 Comparative Criminal Justice 
CJ 205 Research Methods in Criminal Justice 
COMM 101H Understanding Mass Media - Honors 
COMM 101 Understanding Mass Media 
COMM 102 Interpersonal Communication 
COMM 103 Journalism and Democracy 
COMM 104 News Reporting and Writing 
COMM 109H Speech Communication – Honors 
COMM 109 Speech Communication 
COMM 110 Speech Communication for Non-native Speakers 
COMM 111 Voice and Diction 
COMM 112 Introduction to Media Writing 
COMM 115 Group Discussion and Decision Making 
COMM 125 News Literacy 
COMSC 100 Introduction to Computing Concepts 
ECE 170 Early Childhood Development 
ECE 171 Foundations of Early Childhood 
ECON 101 Macroeconomics 
ECON 101H Macroeconomics-Honors 
ECON 102 Microeconomics 
ECON 102H Microeconomics-Honors 
GEOG 101 World Geography 
HIS 101 Western Civilization to 1648 
HIS 102 Western Civilization 2 1648-1914 
HIS 104 Global History to 1648 
HIS 106 Global History from 1648 
HIS 107H Topics Global History-Honors 
HIS 110 U.S. History Colonial-1800 
HIS 111 19th Century U.S. History 
HIS 112H 20th Century United States History-Honors 
HIS 112 20th Century United States History 
HIS 114 US Constitutional History 
HIS 115 Modern Europe 
HIS 119 Modern Latin America 
HIS 128 African History to 1600 
HIS 129 Caribbean History 
HIS 131 Modern Africa 
HIS 133 African American History to 1865 
HIS 134 African American History from 1865 to Present 
HIS 218H Cambridge History-Honors 
HIS 220 Great Trials in History 
HSERV 102 Human Behavior in the Social Environment 
HSERV 200 Diversity & Social Justice 
HSERV 268 Introduction to Research and Statistical Methods 
POLSC 102 American Government and Issues 
POLSC 102H American Government and Issues-Honors 
POLSC 107 State and Local Government 
POLSC 111 Introduction to World Politics 
POLSC 111H Introduction to World Politics - Honors 
POLSC 112H International Law and Organizations-Honors 
POLSC 113 Middle Eastern Politics 
POLSC 115 Comparative Politics 
PSYCH 101H Introduction to Psychology - Honors 
PSYCH 101 Introduction to Psychology 
PSYCH 103H Abnormal Psychology - Honors 
PSYCH 103 Abnormal Psychology 
PSYCH 107 Social Psychology 
PSYCH 109 Child Development 
PSYCH 110 Adolescent Development 
PSYCH 111 Human Sexuality 
PSYCH 112H Personality - Honors 
PSYCH 113 Health Psychology 
PSYCH 114 Developmental Psychology: Adult & Aging 
PSYCH 116 Lifespan Development 
PSYCH 201 Behavioral Statistics 
PSYCH 204H Abnormal Psychology: Childhood and Adolescence 
PSYCH 204 Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence 
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 
SOC 101H Introduction to Sociology - Honors 
SOC 102 Sociology of Families 
SOC 103 Social Problems 
SOC 206 Race and Ethnicity in the U.S. 
SS 101 Introduction to Behavioral Science 
SS 102 Introduction to Social Science 
SS 103 Applying Psychology